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The Right Solutions for Women’s Thinning Hair and Baldness

Women's Hair Loss Replacement - Pittsburgh, PA

Proven Solutions For Women With Hair Loss in Pittsburgh PA.

We have good news! If you are one of the many women that have hair that is beginning to thin or even bald patches, we have a variety of options exclusively for women. We totally understand your emotional feelings when addressing your thinning hair and we have developed beautiful, elegant solutions that can restore to you a full head of real, thick, luxurious, healthy hair.

Forget every old horror story you may have heard about hair replacement because hair systems for women at HRI of Pennsylvania has come light years away from anything you can imagine. Our elegant hair loss solutions are the perfect blending of scientific advancements and hair artistry. They are so undetectable that Hollywood to the fashion runways of Paris have embraced them.

The Perfect Solution for Hair Loss and Thinning Hair

We offer an exclusive HRI Premier Hair Integration Method which has an unique way of enhancing the volume of your own hair according to the amount of hair you need.

While it may not be for everyone, the HRI Premier Hair integration method provides an exact color match to your existing hair while increasing hair density exactly where you need it.  There is nothing out of the box here as it is individually customized to your specific hair loss hair replacement needs.

Made of 100% human hair, it has a featherweight integration with your own natural hair perfectly that you can run your fingers through your hair without being able to tell where it begins or ends.

A Concept of Individuality

Thinning hair is no longer a problem for women because of our exclusive HRI Premier Hair Integration system is the completely natural, personally customized fashionable hair loss solution that is totally and completely undetectable to sight or feel.

Our exclusive Hair Integration Method is designed to restore the natural fullness and healthy look you want for women suffering the devastating effects of a wide range of hair loss problems, from the minor to the severe female baldness.

There are HRI Premier Hair Integration restorations designed to supplement hair in just the crown area.  There are those designed to add volume to the top of the head while maximizing the use of existing hair; a particularly good solution for women suffering from diffused hair loss.

You Don’t Have to Accept Your Hair Loss

Maybe you’ve tried wigs, wiglets, Rogaine, weaves and any number of other remedies without much success. Why will the HRI Premier Hair Integration System be any better?
For one, an HRI Premier Hair Integration System is different. It’s state-of-the-art hair integration technology that has been adapted to the specific problems of women’s hair loss.

Female Hair Loss Treatment Options - Pittsburgh, PABut more than just a technical tour de force, HRI Premier Hair is also a solution very much based in the physiology and dynamics of human hair. It has a feeling of life and realness you’ve never encountered before in any type of hair replacement or integration solution.

The hair color can be matched to your own, or to shade you feel is most flattering. The styles in which your hair can be worn are almost unlimited.
Custom designed to your specific needs, the texture and color of the hair will be indistinguishable from your own existing hair.

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For over 30 years, women have trusted Hair Restoration Institute of Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh for proven hair loss solutions and the latest in proven hair restoration and hair replacement technology for every type of hair loss and hair type. We offer all proven hair restoration and hair loss treatment solutions that really work so you can restore your hair, your confidence, and your life. Find the hair loss solution that’s right for you. Schedule a free, private, no-obligation hair loss evaluation today and get all your hair loss questions answered.