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Dermal Lens Custom Hair Replacement - Pittsburgh, PA

Dermal Lens – The Perfect Hair Loss Solution for Women with Thinning Hair

HRI of Pennsylvania is excited to offer women that suffer from thinning hair the Dermal Lens Effect hair replacement. It is a new solution for any woman that is experiencing thinning hair to any degree.

Dermal Lens for women’s hair replacement is a system that is a very different type of alternative for women that suffer hair loss because of alopecia areata, trichotillomania, hormones or from other medical causes.

This hair system is created with the latest in European women’s hair replacement technology. Dermal Lens Effect is a custom hair replacement for any woman that desires to have more hair density, hair thickness, and length that has the look, and feel of natural hair that can’t be detected as not being your own.

Dermal Lens Hair Replacement for Women

You can stop thinking about your hair loss problems because Dermal Lens Hair Replacement for Women is the perfect answer. If you are a woman on the go, our custom created system with 100% natural Euro-texture human hair makes the Dermal Lens Effect hair system so natural. It blends seamlessly into your own existing hair to give you the perfect natural look and style that you have dreamed of having.

Dermal Lens Hair Replacement for Women - Pittsburgh, PAYou can rest assured that our exclusive Dermal Lens is not one of those store bought, machine made wigs that you take on and off everyday. This system becomes part of your own growing hair and a part of you.

Just imagine looking in the mirror and looking at a full head of hair. You can do any type of activities you want. You can wear our hair system in the rain, go outdoors on a windy day, even go swimming. You will never have people looking at your scalp when they are talking to you. The Dermal Lens hair replacement system for women not only give you back the hair you once had, but it may actually be better.

Non-Surgical Solutions to Thicker Hair

The non-surgical Dermal Lens hair replacement system truly gives you hair that is most natural look imaginable. Your hair loss problem will be a thing of the past and as you get your hair back, and you will simply look younger. There is no build-up, wiggy appearance because it is designed specifically to your hair loss and integrated in a special way to your existing hair and scalp so it all blends together.

The finish look is so good your friends and family will think your hair grew back. With the Dermal Lens procedure nobody will know it is not your real hair unless you tell them. Our hair experts have the training and expertise to help create the perfect look and style you want. Dermal Lens is perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle.

We really do create products for our clients like you with the highest quality solutions to your hair loss possible. Women that have experienced androgenetic alopecia, thinning hair and hair loss brought on by medical disorders now can take back their lives with confidence. HRI of Pennsylvania is the only place you need to go for hair loss solutions.

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