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Who Can Benefit from Laser Therapy

Anyone experiencing hair loss. After a thorough evaluation and diagnosis a Doctor or certified Laserologist™ determines if or not the program is suitable for your type of hair loss and baldness.

Baldness is graded on the International established Hamilton / Norwood scale and although research has demonstrated that the Laser Hair Therapy program can reduce baldness with at least 1-2 grades on this scale for any type of baldness, several other factors are considered before you may enter the treatment program.

Laser Hair Loss Treatment:
Frequently Asked Questions

What causes hair loss and baldness?

The primary factors are Genetic and Hormonal but also Medications, Post-partum changes, Stress, Menopausal changes and Diet may influence hair growth and hair loss.

Is the device and treatment safe?

Yes. Laser Hair Therapy meets all international safety standards and legislative specifications of a “non-significant risk” product. There have been no side effects of the treatment reported and to give you an idea to what extent our treatment method has been used, an average example is from treatment centers in Finland where specialist have been offering the laser hair treatments for 11 years and during that period performed over 20.000 laser procedures, each without any side effects.

When should I start having laser treatment?

The earlier you start the laser treatment the better, the later you try to do something about your hair loss the less chance there is of reversing the problem.

How long is each treatment?

Fifteen minute treatments spread over a 6-12 month treatment program. There is an initial intensive treatment period. Thereafter, depending on your condition, treatment is usually once a month.

How soon will I see results?

Reduction of hair loss usually occurs after 5-6 treatments. Some patients also experienced hair growth after 10-12 treatments. Over time, all users – men and women – usually notice progressively increasing benefits of the treatment program.

What results may I expect?

Individual results may vary but thicker hair with reduction or complete stop of hair loss, improved hair appearance and texture is the first sign of the treatment effect. Many patients experience hair growth in previously thin and bald areas.

Can I use laser with other treatments?

Yes. Although your laser therapy can replace other treatments your Doctor, Trichologist or Laserologist™ may most likely advice you to continue using other treatments you’ve already started. The laser treatment may work as a compliment to their effectiveness. Baldness and hair loss derives from a number of biological factors and we encourage a multi-treatment approach.

Can I afford this program?

The cost of the programs vary upon individual treatments and conditions but in general, are easily affordable. Your treatment program fee will be determined by your therapist based on your evaluation / diagnosis. Your therapist will advise you on the various Healthcare Financial Service’s we offer with a flexible payment program. With our Financial Service, you can: Start treatment immediately, enjoy low monthly payments, finance up to 100% of the treatment cost and choose between several payment options.

Does LLLT cause a heating of the tissue?

Due to increased blood circulation there is usually an increase of 0.5-1 Celsius, 32.9 – 33.8 Fahrenheit, locally. This is a natural reaction to the treatment.

Does it have to be a laser?

Monochromatic non-coherent light, such as light from LED’s can be useful for superficial tissues such as wounds. However, in comparative studies, lasers have shown to be more effective than monochromatic non- coherent light sources. Non-coherent light will not be effective in deeper areas.

How deep into the tissue can a laser penetrate?

The depth of penetration of laser light depends on the light’s wavelength, on whether the laser is super-pulsed, and on the power output, but also on the technical design of the apparatus and the treatment technique used. There is no exact limit with respect to the penetration of the light. The light gets weaker and weaker the further from the surface it penetrates. There is, however, a limit at which the light intensity is so low that no biological effect of the light can be registered. This limit, where the effect ceases, is called the greatest active depth. In addition to the factors mentioned above, this depth is also contingent on tissue type, pigmentation, and dirt on the skin. Laser Hair Care® – Laser Hair Therapy™ typically penetrates a few millimeters into the tissue targeting the area of the hair-follicles.

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