Pittsburgh’s Hair Replacement Studio

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Leading the Way in Proven Hair Loss Solutions for Men and Women

Now you can put away the hats and scarves. At HRI of Pennsylvania, men and women of all ages receive the best care and the newest technologies available. Shower, exercise, walk into the wind without detection. A custom HRI of Pennsylvania is just like your own natural hair. You may even forget you ever had a hair loss problem. Our talented, professional team will restore the natural volume and healthy look to your hair, resulting in a sensational new look to match your lifestyle or a welcome return to the look you’ve loved for years.

If you or someone you know is suffering from alopecia, balding or undergoing a medical procedure causing hair loss, then HRI of Pennsylvania in Pittsburghi has the state of the art, personally customized solution for you!

At HRI of Pennsylvania, we encourage you to become an educated consumer. We invite you to contact us with all the questions you may have. An experienced professional will be more than happy to provide straight forward answers to all your questions, either over the telephone or in a FREE, private, confidential meeting, at a time that is convenient for you.

Conveniently Located

HRI of Pennsylvania is conveniently located at 555 Grant Street, Suite 319. We are the Pittsburgh pioneer of state-of-the-art hair restoration!

As a professional and client-focused center, with over 30 years of service to the greater Pittsburgh area, HRI of Pennsylvania continues to be a leader in longevity, creativity, customer satisfaction, and results! Our staff regularly participates in continuing professional education programs, including seminars, training classes and certification programs throughout the year… every year.

Always Exceptional Customer Service

HRI of Pennsylvania has always placed the highest priority on quality and service. We extend every courtesy and accommodation to our clients to ensure a pleasant experience. With convenient off-street parking, we are specifically designed for your comfort and privacy. We believe you’ll find our service exceptional.


At HRI of Pennsylvania, we offer every proven hair replacement, surgical hair restoration, and hair loss treatment solution for men, and women suffering from thinning hair, balding, and medically related hair loss. Visit us at our location in Pittsburgh, PA, where we can help you “Get Your Confidence Back!”.